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As the Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts Association ("GYODER"), we use cookies to provide a better user experience to the visitors of our website ("Website"). This Cookie Policy ("Policy") has been prepared to explain to our Website visitors which type of cookies is used for what purposes. 

I. What are Cookies? What are the Purposes of Use? 

Cookies are defined as small text files or data that are stored on your devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets or other mobile devices during your visit to websites or mobile applications. In this file, information about your website visit is stored. Thus, when you visit the website via the same browser, the browser remembers the relevant information. Therefore, cookies are necessary and important to make websites work in a better, more efficient way. 

II. What kind of data do we process with Cookies? 

Cookies, depending on their types, collect session data related to your browsing and usage preferences on the device you access the Website. This data covers all the pages you visit and all the information related to your navigation on the Website. 

III. Which Cookies do we use in what way? 

We use different types of cookies on the Website. These are strictly necessary cookies for the operation of the Website, functionality cookies, analysis/performance cookies and targeting/advertising cookies. 


Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are strictly essential for the Website to function properly. These cookies are used to take measures against possible cyber-attacks to the Website and to recognize the session information of the users. 

Functionality Cookies: These cookies are used to give you a more advanced and easy to use experience. These cookies are used to improve your user experience and analyze your use of the Website by increasing the load speed of the Website. 

Analysis/Performance Cookies: These cookies available as third-party cookies on the Website are used to classify users according to the criteria set by Google and to determine the target group. 

Targeting/Advertising Cookies: These cookies available as third party cookies on the Website are used to classify users according to the criteria set by Google, determine the target group, and to show the most relevant advertising and content. 


Persistent Cookies: Cookies that persist on the user’s computer until an expiry date or until deleted by the user. These cookies are mostly used to measure users' navigation around the Website and preferences. 

Session Cookies: These cookies are used for session management and do not collect data from the user. Such cookies are deleted when the user closes the webpage he/she visited or remains inactive for a certain period of time. 

Below cookies are used on the Website:

You can change your cookie settings from the browser settings (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera).

VI. Contact us

You can send us all your questions and comments about the policy via [email protected]