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Dear Members,

With the responsibility of being the most important roof organization of the sector, we continue to perform activities that add value to the sector. As GYODER, we continue to be the architect of change and transformation in the sector with our vision, experience and the strength we get from our valuable members.

GYODER, to which the leading entrepreneurs and directors of the real estate sector have contributed with great devotion for the development of the sector, today has become a big family that adds value to our sector and country's economy. Today, under the GYODER roof, there are nearly 300 corporate members covering the main and sub sectors such as real estate developers, investors, REITs, real estate consulting, real estate appraisal, insurance, architecture and law.

Our primary objective is to make legislative work in order to facilitate the difficulties that real estate investments have, to improve sectoral relations with international investors, to find ways to resolve the problems that the sector undergoes and inform the sector accordingly.

As GYODER, we will also focus on the following topics in the upcoming period: transparency of the sector, institutionalization, determination of ethical codes, diversification in real estate financing and opening up to Anatolia.

Since 2000, we have been continuing to organize the ‘Real Estate Summit’ which tries to comprehend the tendency of Turkey’s real estate sector, brings together the sector under the same roof and turns into an international brand with a broad information, perspective and an enjoyable content.

With the belief that Turkey does not consist of only the big cities and that our country as a whole needs growth and development, we have been organizing ‘Developing Cities Summit’ in order to meet the investors with investment opportunities in our cities in Anatolia. Our goal is to contribute to the growth of the real estate sector and to render our country and cities to have a stronger economy.

We will also perform important activities with the 'Anatolian Roadshow' event as the continuation of the 'Developing Cities Summit'. We will come together with local government and important investors to exchange ideas and information. We also want to see the sector players in Anatolian cities among our members. 

As GYODER, asserting that the sector should be educated, we established 'GYODER Academy' in order to bring training, graduate, doctorate, MBA programs and report and publication studies under a corporate roof. We initiated together with Bahçeşehir University (BAU) the ‘MBA in Real Estate’ which is the first master program of Turkey towards real estate sector. We also initiated with Özyeğin University (ÖzÜ) the ‘ÖzÜ-MBA in Real Estate’ program which offers an opportunity to specialize in real estate sector. We continue to hold trainings with many professional sector experts also for the important issues concerning the sector.

Our ‘GYODER Indicator’ report and index studies prepared by GYODER that present official data and numeric indicators and build a very important database for the sector have become publications which are followed by the real estate sector and business world with interest.

Today, with the valuable support of you, we continue to inform the public on the importance of urban transformation. As GYODER, we established ‘Urban Transformation and City Planning Committee’ in order to speed up our contributions to the urban transformation process. During this process, we believe that everyone should do his share, because the more prompt actions we take for transformation, the better outcomes we will achieve.

As GYODER that plays an important role in shaping Turkey’s real estate sector, we will continue to show a strong stance with the awareness that we are leading the real estate sector.

With all efforts we have made so far, we believe that we will make new success stories with our valuable members, focusing on the future of the real estate sector rather than short-term goals.

Prof. Feyzullah Yetgin
GYODER Chairman of Board