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The design activities of the Grand National Assembly Building started on 28.1.1938, the groundbreaking was realized on 26.10.1939 and opened to service on 6.1.1961. After the construction of the TBMM Building, the biggest renovations were made in the General Assembly Hall on 1.10.1998.

Following the malicious coup attempt of July 15, 2016, the most extensive renovation and repair activities in the TBMM's history, after the General Assembly Hall in 1998, were carried out during this period.

In this context, a letter of intent was submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament to recover the damages free of charge by the Association of the Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts (GYODER) immediately after the coup attempt, and most of the renovations for damages as well as renovations demanded by the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly were performed by GYODER free of charge after the protocol made on 26.8.2016 .

In this context, we thank all members of GYODER for their sensitivity and dedication.

TBMM Binası


Visitor Reception Building
Main Building Roof
Bombed Area near the Prime Minister’s Office
Honor Hall
Entrance Hall
Prime Minister’s Office Side Balcony
Floor Covering
Prime Minister’s Office
Dikmen Security Gate Control Cabin
Dikmen Security Gate Timber Works
Window Woodwork
Room on the right hand of the Presidency Platform
Sitting Areas in the Garden
Meeting Hall of the Presidency Council
Office of the President
Main Building Prayer Room Construction
Renovations made within the scope of Security Measures
Revisions for Disabled Access
Renovations made at Beştepe Training and Social Facilities
Renovation of Switchboard Infrastructure
Planning and Budget Commission Meeting Hall
Public Relations Building Ground Floor Meeting Hall
Repair and renovation of miscellaneous places in TBMM complex