About Us

GYODER was established in 1999 by the then-representatives of real estate investment trusts (REITs) in Turkey.

Faktoring Nedir?
As “Turkey's Real Estate Platform”, gathering all sub-segments of the sector under the same roof, GYODER changed its name as the Real Estate Investors Association at the 21st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held on June 22, 2021, believing that GYODER's all-embracing approach should be expanded and its identity should adopt a more contemporary structure.
This journey continues and will continue in the future to strengthen the perception of the real estate sector, support its development, and to introduce standards regarding quality, control and training for the sector.


To carry the sector into the future with our expertise, experience and knowhow as the umbrella organization of the real estate sector,
To bring together the real estate sector under the same roof and take steps in all areas for the growth of the sector as a whole with technology and design,
To be the door of the Turkish real estate sector opening to abroad and to represent Turkey in international platforms
To set standards on all sub-disciplines involved in the sector,
To suitably direct the public authority by playing an active role in the adoption of relevant legislation and regulations in order to generate solutions for the development of the real estate sector,
To contribute to the accomplishment of an ethical, reliable and transparent structure by speeding up the institutionalization of the sector,
To create cooperative environment with domestic and foreign private and public institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, stock markets, professional organizations, foundations, associations and unions,
To increase communication and information exchange between the stakeholders of the sector and our members,
To create the up-to-date and healthy information systems and data repository needed by the sector and to make them available to all sector stakeholders,
To contribute to the formation of modern and contemporary urbanism elements compatible with technology, design and nature in the urbanization process,
To raise awareness on the intersection points of real estate and technology, and to increase cooperation and investments in the sector with the new ecosystem built.


Our mission, as "Turkey's Real Estate Platform", is to bring the real estate sector closer with technology, design and nature, and to create value for all sub-segments by contributing to the development of the sector.


Our vision is to carry the sector into the future with our expertise, experience and knowhow as the umbrella organization that leads the real estate sector as an opinion leader.

Message From the Chairman

Dear Members,

Being aware of our responsibility as the most important umbrella organization of the real estate sector, we have been continuing to add value to our country's economy and leading the sector for 22 years.

During the period we have left behind for almost a year, we carried out our activities by focusing on the areas we can list under 9 main topics, even though the conditions of the year we spent were difficult to make predictions in many aspects, and we strived to increase the effectiveness of our Association on such issues. We can summarize these topics as to improve the perception of the real estate sector in our country, to pave the way for the instruments enabling the REITs and our sector to play a role in the capital markets, to bring our sector closer with the academy, to contribute to the sector to be the one that values research, to improve the quality of the sector’s workforce, to promote the Turkish real estate sector in the world, to support foreign real estate companies operating in Turkey in solving their problems, to establish an effective cluster in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the real estate and construction sector, to take an active role as a non-governmental organization in the determination of urban planning policies such as earthquake preparedness and urban transformation, and to give support to the establishment of well-designed structures adhering to the environment-friendly and sustainability principles.
During this period, we initially decided to create a roadmap in order to progress on the issues we focus on with our Board of Directors and Executive Board. I would like to summarize the activities we carried out in this process as follows:
With the amendment made by the Capital Markets Board to the Communiqué on Principles Regarding REITs in October 2020, several provisions that prevent REITs from operating effectively as intended were revised. This effort on which the REIT Committee worked hard and that leaving the field clear for the industry was an ideal example of how GYODER supported the industry.
We initiated the “Real Estate Sector Perception and Reputation Survey” to measure the current perception and reputation of the real estate sector and to shed light on the Association's new term roadmap. We aim to take a leading role in bringing the real estate sector to the perception it truthfully deserves.
As GYODER, we had a corporate identity renewal work done with the belief that we should adopt a more embracive, innovative and contemporary corporate identity which we believe will have a positive impact on our communication with all stakeholders. I hope you all like our new corporate identity, which we will present to you, our valued members, for your approval.
We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the real estate sector with scientific studies through the “GYODER-IAV Graduate Thesis Awards Competition”, which is organized for the first time in Turkey in the field of real estate. Additionally, our cooperation efforts continue increasingly within the framework of the protocols we signed with Bahçeşehir University, Özyeğin University, Ankara University, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstinye University, İstanbul Ticaret University, ITU and YTU.
We believe the “Certificate Program on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Real Estate”, which we have realized for the first time in Turkey in cooperation with Yıldız Technical University, will fulfill a substantial need in the sector.
Within the scope of call for proposals for ISTKA Innovative Istanbul Financial Support Program 2021, we, as GYODER, applied to the Innovative Istanbul Financial Support Program in cooperation with YTU Technopark with the project "Istanbul Proptech - Real Estate Digital Transformation Center". We look forward to the outcome of this initiative, which is of great significance for our association.
We are in a period where social distancing measures are increasing due to the pandemic. We have placed more emphasis on social media in order overcome the restrictions in establishing close relationships. We have initiated a closer and continuous communication process with our members through digital channels. We share our key activities on social media for the real estate sector, financial circles and all interested parties. We also benefit from the ideas and suggestions of our members, whom we inform more frequently and rapidly on our Telegram channel.
We created the “RE-AD YouTube” channel in order to take advantage of the power of digital platforms, broaden our reach and interact more with youngsters. In this channel, which we have decided to use actively, we aim to make informative, thematic and guiding broadcasts.
As the GYODER Board of Directors, we came together with the President of DEIK and the Members of the Board of Directors. We initiated efforts particularly on REITs. We will continue to maintain our cooperation with DEİK, of which GYODER is one of the founding organizations, in the soundest way possible.
The mentorship program was launched in cooperation with GYODER Young Platform and ULI Young Leaders as of November 2020. We attach importance to the transfer of experiences of the industry’s key persons to the leaders of the future.
The GYODER Solution Platform that we launched in 2019 provides the opportunity to develop common sense with a larger group of people and build our ideas on it. Due to the pandemic, we will continue to organize the Solution Platform meetings online, which we organize as a webinar with higher participation.
With the Real Estate Council, we aim to achieve more growth in the Turkish real estate by quickly overcoming the challenges of the sector.
In the last meeting we held within the framework of our cooperation with the Presidential Investment Office, we discussed the challenges encountered by foreign investors. As GYODER, we will propose a law amendment to achieve improvement on this issue.
In the meeting we held at the Turkey Wealth Fund as part of our efforts regarding the foreign real estate investors, we discussed all aspects of the Istanbul Finance Center, which is quite promising project of the future.
One of our missions is that GYODER is the face of the Turkish real estate industry abroad. Therefore, as GYODER, we have undertaken to represent our country in the best possible way at MIPIM. In this regard, we initiated the necessary work for the arrangement of the Istanbul tent at MIPIM under the leadership of GYODER.
Through the cooperation of GYODER-AFAD, we aim to provide the best level of support to the community in the event of a disaster. We initiated a mobilization through which we will use our knowhow and opportunities as the sector, and we launched an initiative in cooperation with 7 NGOs in order to establish an Earthquake Platform.
We have increased our efforts towards training activities, which have been carried out diligently for years, and our cooperation with academic institutions. Training, Publications and Information Production Committee continues its efforts on reports and publications. At “GYODER Academy”, we continue to organize trainings and seminars on important issues concerning the sector. We have included the real estate investment funds section in our “GYODER Indicator” report, in which the sub-segments of the real estate sector are examined on a quarterly basis. We continue to enrich our report. We share the REIDIN GYODER New Housing Price Index with the industry on a monthly basis. Additionally, we continue to periodically update and publish the “How to Buy Property in Turkey?” booklet for individual foreign investors and the “REstate Turkey - A Close Look to Comparable Markets” report for institutional foreign investors.
The “Real Estate Summit”, which has become an international brand and has been taking the pulse of the Turkish real estate sector since 2000 and bringing the sector together under the same roof, will continue to be organized by GYODER.
Over the last year, 15 valuable members have joined us. Drawing its strength from the members, we, as GYODER, aim to further strengthen member relations and increase the motivation of all our members who have joined us.
With the acceleration of vaccination campaign, quite hectic days and an exceptional period await us all in the very near future. And we know that from this time forth, numerous innovations will influence our lives, our economy, our industry and even our personal habits. Together, as the GYODER family, we have to prepare our industry for this new era. We believe that getting prepared for this new world can only be possible with a culture strengthened by the “nature, technology and design” principles.  We need to act with the motivation to develop well-designed projects that care and respect the nature, benefit from the opportunities of the technology, and with the responsibility knowing that every project we produce leaves a mark on our cities.
In line with this goal, we believe that GYODER’s all-embracing approach, which gathers all sub-segments of the sector under the same roof, should be expanded and its identity should be updated for a more contemporary structure. Today, the format of non-governmental organizations across the globe is changing. As the umbrella organization of the sector, we should keep pace with this transformation and create an understanding that places humans at the center. 
We had a corporate identity work done to facilitate GYODER's branding process and on this path that we have set out by saying, "Brand is also a thing to be built", we aim to strengthen the perception of GYODER and include the goals I mentioned above.
With GYODER’s new corporate identity, the logo and design standards have also changed. As the unifying power of the real estate sector, GYODER's ability to achieve unanimity was also reflected in the new name and logo of our Association. It was unanimously decided to make the relevant change during the 21st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting. By amending the relevant provision of the Association's charter, our Association adopted a new corporate identity.
We undoubtedly believe that you share our excitement in our efforts we have carried out to lead the sector and accelerate the development of the industry. Concentrating on the future of the real estate sector, GYODER has reached its strong position today with the contributions and vision of its members.
I wish to express my appreciation to all of our Presidents, High Advisory Board, Board of Directors, Executive Board, Committee Chairs, GYODER team and all members, who have contributed to GYODER's success over the past 22 years, and to all persons and institutions that have contributed to us.
GYODER, focusing on the future of the real estate sector, has reached its current strong position with the contributions and vision of its members. With this sense of unanimity, we are confident that we will carry the industry into the future.
Mehmet Kalyoncu
Chairman of the Board