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About Us

GYODER was founded in 1999 by the representatives of existing real estate investment trusts and those under establishment process in Turkey (REIT).

The organization that gathers all sub-industries of the sector under the same roof as “Turkey Real Estate Platform” changed its name in 2013 as “Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts Association” and transformed into a structure that embraces the overall sector.

This journey continues by gaining strength each day in order to promote and represent the real estate sector, support its development, bring standards to the sector in terms of quality, control and training. 

About Us


  • Generating solutions for the development and stepping up the institutionalisation of the real estate industry in Turkey,
  • Being the window of the Turkish real estate industry to the world, representing the country in international platforms, and ensuring the coordination needed to gear up in global markets,
  • Developing standards regarding the subjects of sub-segments of the industry,
  • Playing an active role in developing regulations regarding the industry,
  • Contributing to urbanisation in generating elements of modern and civilised cities,
  • Developing cooperative environments with local and international private and public institutions, trade and industry chambers, organised markets, trade associations, foundations, associations and unions,
  • Improving the information exchange and ensuring coordination within the industry,
  • Generating the data system and the advanced data repository that the industry needs, updating it, and sharing it with the indusrty.


The mission of GYODER is to provide leadership in the Turkish Real Estate Industry by means of assembling all segments of the industry under the same roof. 


The vision of GYODER is to be one of the world’s leading sectoral institutions by employing the knowledge and experience developed since the day it’s founded.