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In line with the need of the sector for knowledge and data, we realized the establishment of "GYODER Academy" in order
to identify and realize the issues needed for the development of the sector and to train qualified personnel in the sector.
The GYODER Academy, in parallel with the concept of lifelong learning, combines theoretical training with practical
training in the Certificate Programs to enable participants to acquire the knowledge and skills required and contribute
to the career development of the trainees. The GYODER Academy preserves GYODER's quality and standards in all its
In our Academy, trainings are held for important issues concerning the sector with many industry professionals
and practitioners who have expertise in the field. In this framework, GYODER Academy has adopted the principle of
coordinating these activities by organizing training programs, courses and seminars for public, private sector and
international institutions and individuals, in the required fields, at national and international level. The contents are
developed by taking into account the key issues that individuals need in their professional lives and conveyed to the
participants in the most effective way.
GYODER continues its collaborations with the leading universities in Turkey such as Bahçeşehir University, Özyeğin
University, İstanbul Technical University, İstanbul Commercial University, Okan University, Kadir Has University, Bilgi
University and Ankara University for organizing certificate programs and data provision.
GYODER Training Topics:
Asset Management • Real Estate Investment Funds • Google Campaign Management in Real Estate • Real Estate
Literacy • Brand Positioning or Corporate Communication Techniques • Digital Media • Best Use Applications in Real
Estate • Project Management Process • Facility Management • Alternative Methods in Real Estate Project Development
• Sustainability