GYODER-DEİK Lüxemburg 2016


 GYODER and  DEİK Turkey – Luxembourg Business Council organized the “Real Estate Sector Funds” meeting on March 3, 2016 in Luxembourg, which is the biggest investment fund center of the Euroregion.  

With the cooperation of GYODER – DEİK Turkey - Luxembourg Business Council and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and with the contributions of the Luxembourg Embassy to Turkey, a bridge was created between the two countries’ business worlds with the aim of increasing the volume of trade and investment.


To this end, the introduction of the real estate sector in Turkey to the Luxembourg total investment funds, exceeding 3 trillion EUR with annual increase of 18.41% by breaking a record in 2014 and consisting of 3900 funds, giving information on our country's overall economic and investment environment and attracting Luxembourg funds to our real estate projects in Turkey were aimed.


During the meeting, GYODER Vice Chairman Özlem Gökçe, GYODER Vice Chairman Haluk Sur, GYODER Board Members Neşecan Çekici and M. Emre Çamlıbel together with Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) and Capital Market Board (CMB) senior executives gave information about "Investment opportunities in Turkey Real Estate Sector through Capital Market Instruments, Real Estate Investment Funds and Sector Dynamics”.